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Thank you for choosing our dental office. Please use the buttons to download the health forms required for your first visit. Please Contact us with any questions about our office, insurance or assistance in booking your dental appointment. Most insurances are accepted.

What To Expect:

Making your teeth last and remain healthy is a lot more complex than just cleanings and getting fillings. During your first visit we will be listening to you and gathering the following information to provide the best care for each individual and your specific needs.

First, It is important for us to understand you as a person and your personal habits that could be affecting your oral health. It is also important for us to know what your goal is for your teeth; for every person this is different. Some would like a perfectly straight white smile, while others are perfectly happy with keeping their teeth and gums healthy and free of disease while not being as concerned with esthetics. Both are completely acceptable goals and it is our job to help you attain whichever goal you desire.

Second, we need to know about your overall health. There are a lot of factors in your overall health that can affect your teeth and vice versa. Gum disease and medicines you may take are huge considerations in different types of dental treatments.

Third, as stated above gum disease is a very important aspect of dentistry it can affect your overall health in drastic ways. Gum health is just as important has tooth health in the goal of maintaining your dentition and overall health. It is because of this regular cleanings and checkups are essential in maintenance of the dentition and your body as a whole.

Last, we will look at the teeth and soft tissues. Not only will we be looking for cavities or any breaks or chipping but we will be looking at bite and overall function of the dentition. We also complete a cancer screen on all patients during your first appointment and every recall/cleaning appointment.

Taking all of these things in consideration we will come up with a treatment plan specifically tailored to each individual. We look forward to helping you achieve the healthiest dentition possible!

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